Confidence can be a bad thing

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Goalkeeper victory

Confidence can be a bad thing

Four minutes of added time – you are hanging on 1 – 0 and have ten men…..

In what must be the last kick of the game, the opposition manage to get a shot off – it goes top corner and you manage to tip the ball over the bar…. The crowd cheer and your team mates make you feel like royalty.

CONFIDENCE is obviously high.
Can you believe it, the referee allows the corner to be taken and all 21 players pack the penalty area. ( Yes the opposition goalkeeper comes up )
This is where as a goalkeeper you need to separate yourself from the natural high….. Confidence is a good thing, but it can lead you to make poor decisions. In the game I saw, the goalkeeper came for the resulting corner, hungry for more of that great feeling you get from being a hero.
What inevitably happened was that the conjested area proved to be troublesome and the opposition got a head to the ball and giving the opposition the last minute equalizer.
It is important that as a goalkeeper you deal with each save as they come. Whether your last save was amazing or indeed a mistake. “YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR NEXT SAVE”

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