Dealing with Crosses

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Dealing with Crosses

“It is the ability to deal with crosses that determines the good goalkeepers from the great.”

The high cross is possibly the most technical of all goalkeeping topics.

Please see some of the tips with some video.

Open body stance – This is the ability to see 3 corner flags.

Starting position based upon position of crosser – Easier to run forward than backwards. In swinger / out swinger determines how far out you can come.

Assess flight & pace of the ball

Ensure you are in line with the ball for good body shape.

Call of “Keepers” or “Away” 

Take off with one foot, land on the same one 

Knee up for 3 reasons. 1) Height, 2) Protection, 3) Space

Take the ball at earliest point, not highest

Attack the ball as opposed to getting under it. If you are caught under the ball, a two footed take off is necessary.

When going backwards, glide ( shuffle ) but keep shoulders straight

Eliminate balls going across the 6yd box.

Decision to Catch or Parry

Once you have caught the ball, don’t turn into your own goal as in this example.

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