Goalkeeping coaching philosophy for the season.

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Goalkeeping coaching philosophy for the season.

Originally posted August 2016

With the recent adventure of joining Quinnipiac University’s Men’s Soccer program I have reviewed my coaching philosophy for the year.

With my coaching of youth teams, high school & college there will obviously be some differences in expectations but here are the things I expect from all the goalkeepers I am coaching this season.

From myself the coach:

  • All my sessions are planned in advance with space for reactive sessions if needed.
  • Make use of a variety of GK equipment
  • Sessions intense for 30 – 50 minutes with little down time between exercises
  • More focus on distribution
  • Allow GK’s to finish on success – additional serves are played until goalkeeper ends with a save.
  • To incorporate a cool down to each session

Expectation from players:

  • Professionalism – arriving on time with correct equipment
  • Own preparation prior to training
  • Train as if you are playing. (Go for everything & complete the save if ball is loose.)
  • To provide quality service to others
  • Ask questions if not sure what is expected
  • A winning / competitive mentality
  • Encourage others with positive feedback after good saves

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