Keeping track of goals and habits

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Keeping track of goals and habits title

Keeping track of goals and habits

I find that by keeping track of goals and habits to achieve throughout the year, you are less likely to fail and then give up. An example would be; 

“Run 100 miles by April 18th” ( 100 days from January 1st ), Rather than “Run a mile a day”. This way, if you miss a day you can look to make it up over time until April 18th.

What to keep track of.

I feel it is important to set goals that are measurable. The things we measure are the things we improve. It is only through measurement that we have any proof of whether we are getting better or worse.

With this in mind, you should try to be as specific as possible. For example – “This year, I want to improve my kicking distribution” may seem quite specific as kicking distribution is just one part of the distribution theme of goalkeeping. You need to be more specific than that. 

There is the following;

  • Short distance, wide, left & right
  • Playing through oncoming players to a central position ( Normally a defensive CM ) 
  • Playing into wide midfielders
  • Playing onto forwards
  • Playing beyond the forwards and the back line

Each element of this kicking distribution needs a test or a marker of success, like hitting a certain area. You then need to get your base level. ( your first attempt ) As a result, you can look to improve your score to achieve your goal.

In the Goalkeeper HQ membership, I look to break down every core competency of goalkeeping ( 102 of them ), with explanations on what they are, education so you can improve, and tests to track your progress. There is also my list of expectations for each age group. [Get the Goalkeeper HQ membership here]

How do you keep track of goals and habits?

There can be a whole article on both “Goal setting” and “Deliberate practice” but really, this article was to tell you that I have been using an app on my phone that has helped me keep track of the things I am trying to achieve. I have no affiliation with the developer and receive no benefit, I just wanted to share as it has been working for me.

The app is called “Strides”   and is described as a goals and habits tracker.Strides screenshot

Here are some examples of what I’m tracking:

Other examples that active Goalkeepers may use could be;

  • Number of goals conceded in the season
  • Mile speed
  • Number of missed practices
  • Money saved for new gloves

Let me know if you use it and what goals and habits you choose. []



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