Goalkeepers kicking balls from the floor

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Goalkeeper goal kick

Goalkeepers kicking balls from the floor

ImageIt is important that you, as a goalkeeper are an integral part of the game. Taking Goal Kicks and Free Kicks in your third of the field is part of that. There is nothing worse than having very little to do in the game, and then a shot goes wide where you chase after the ball and then have an outfield player take the kicks.

It is embarrassing as you are not a ball boy or ball girl. It shows a lack of ability to your own team and the other team, and also burdens the team by having one less player on the field to receive the kick.

It is important that you get good enough to take your own kicks to avoid the fore mentioned and to help with your confidence, knowing that you are an integral part of the team.

If your kicks are not good, it is probably due to one of three main areas.

1 – The plant foot

2 – Shoulders

3 – Follow through.


Should not be in front of the ball ( As this results in kicking the top of the ball )

Should not be too close to the ball ( As this results in hooking the ball with the kicking foot )

Bend plant foot leg to allow the instep of the kicking foot to get under the ball


Approach in the run up should allow for shoulders to be straight and also as you kick the ball. The approach should not be too fast as to lose good technique.


The speed of the kicking leg is vital to get distance.

Follow through should be straight, rather than twisting or hopping.

See a pro goalkeeper take a kick frame by frame here.

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