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Providing the knowledge base & benefits to become a true student in the art of goalkeeping


  • Contact with industry leading coaches - Marty & Leon have a wealth of knowledge with 35+ years experience helping goalkeepers to be lifted beyond their vision of capability. Both have worked at Pro Clubs, Colleges and have experience getting goalkeepers to play at that level.
  • Discounts off camps & clinics - Plus first refusal on these programs that often sell out.
  • Invitation to Mentee only camp & photo shoot  - We are excited to be able to offer a one day coaching event with a photo shoot to capture your best saves and add to your resume. - We all love a great photo of ourselves!
  • Coaches follow up after each game - Utilization of our chat room after games or simply having a like minded coach you can bounce ideas and questions off after the game is one of the program's most prized assets. 
  • Personal 1on1 goal setting session - Begin with the end in mind. We will be taking advantage of the Masters of psychology within the ranks to help set realistic short and long term goals.
  • Video analysis from one of your games - Providing professional standard analysis of all the action from one of your games. Comments on the good, the bad and the ugly provided to review.
  • Free pair of L1 Goalkeeper Gloves with personal fitting  - Free gloves are great. Free gloves that fit just right are even better. We will personally ensure you have the correct fit. If you need another pair, they are heavily discounted once you are in the program.
  • Inside information on college showcases, and tournament GK's needed in the local area - Get the latest information on college showcases and be given first refusal when teams are looking for a guest goalkeeper
  • Group meet up at high level game to do match analysis of GK - What do goalkeeper geeks do in their spare time? Go to a game of course. Whilst attending a high level game, we prepare you for the game ahead, give advice on what to look for and then watch the goalkeepers in action, filling out our game analysis sheet. ( You also get one for your own games ) 
  • Competitions & core skill goalkeeping testing - Prove your ability with our skill of the week competitions. Even if you don't win, you would have improved by practicing.
  • Lots of online goalkeeping courses giving tips, tricks and advice  - Utilizing our new software, goalkeepers can keep track of their progress on courses such as "The road to college" & "care of equipment" plus more.
  • Video break down of save of the week - A verbal and visual break down of a great save with dicussions on how it was made from a technical point of view.
  • Community of like minded players - Our goalkeeping forum helps you get engaged in our content and with each other as experiences are shared along with knowledge. 

Does your club or goalkeeper coach sit down to talk about the stategies of our specialist position?

Many clubs ignore the specialist needs of the goalkeeper. It costs money for them to hire a specialist coach and provide aditional field space to provide training for what is arguably the most important position on the soccer field. The team coach has multiple players on multiple teams and can't always give you the time you need.

Even if your club provides two GK practices a week, are they giving you the theory work that is needed for you to excel? 

Your team coach is unlikely to be able to give you the specialist training you need, but you also need to know about the theory or the game. When to go short or long with distribution, set piece set up, pre game & post game analysis. Equipment needs and end goal objectives. All these are provided by Goalkeeper HQ

Are you having to learn the game through trial and error, with an error resulting in losses for the team and your own self esteem?

Leon & Marty provide the time, resources and solutions to your goalkeeping questions to help eliminate mistakes, boost confidence and lift all members in this program beyond their vision of capability. 


Where is this program based?

Our base is in Milford, CT. Our camps & clinics will be in and around the area. To take full advantage of every feature in the program, we recommend living no more than an hour away from Milford. Many, features of the program, however, can be done remotely.

What ages do you recommend?

Due to the educational nature of many of the features offered, we feel that the program is best suited for goalkeepers 12 and older. 

How much is this program?

The program has a value of over $1300, as you take into account all the benefits & features. Six month membership is just $499. That's the equivilent of one private session a month. The difference being, we are there for you the whole time, rather than just for six sessions.

Why over a 6 month period?

The six month time period allows us to reset discounts, provide additional free gloves, update goal setting etc so that returning members continue to get looked after. Some goalkeepers, may play different sports at different times of the year - the March - Aug & September - February time frames fit in with both soccer seasons here in the North East of the USA.

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