July 12th - 16th 2020


Come and join the Goalkeeper HQ staff along with College Coaching members for this one off summer camp.

Are you looking for the following?

  • Preparation  for pre-season at college
  • To get feedback / identifield by college coaches
  • Last minute goalkeeping training before the High School season
  • Get the edge at your Premier club
  • Want this season to be your best.

For the ultimate goalkeeping residential camp, here's what you will be getting:


Nine Field Sessions

Our nine field sessions are both age and gender appropriate, providing the best coaching available. Technical and tactical elements as well as game play are spread out throughout the camp. Groups include 2011 - 2009, 2008 - 2006, 2005 - 2003 & College Group


Classroom Sessions with Video

Because the modern day goalkeeper needs so much more! Goalkeepers need to know what they are learning and why. During physical rest time, goalkeepers on camp will be given age appropriate knowledge & education on some of the theory on the position. Communication cues, tempo of the game, improving perception are some examples of classroom sessions.

See the additional benefits provided in this Residential camp:


$230 worth of gloves & apparel to wear on camp

Our partnership with L1 Goalkeeper allows us to provide gloves, jersey(s), pants and bag for our participants. Use our gloves for camp and save your others for the start of the season. 


Parent seminar 

Parents provide the support to goalkeepers. It is important that they are aware of the modern day goalkeeping needs along the goalkeeping roadmap. 


Fitness work and summer plan

The camp will be hard work, but education on the key elements of goalkeeping fitness will be provided and planned for the rest of the summer.


Evaluation and self analysis sheets

As part of the Goalkeeper HQ Education cycle, Goalkeepers will be provided goalkeeping core competency sheets with comments.


Game opportunities for vital game time coaching

Get evaluated during games for vital tactical advice


Access to Goalkeeper HQ Membership

Have full access to Goalkeeper HQ's premium material and get discounts on further camps and gloves.

Confirmed Coaches


Leon Othen

Long serving GK coach and owner of GKHQ, Leon has coached at Quinnipiac & New Haven as well as at Arsenal FC in the UK.


Marty Walker

Former Yale assistant coach and owner of Goalkeeper HQ. Marty brings college experience having played and coached with much success at this level.


Kevin Stewart

Scotland International Goalkeeper Coach and withScottish Premier League team, Aberdeen.


Ashley Kaufman

Former Yale Goalkeeper coach, Ashley brings a wealth of knowlege in regards to college recruitment .








Nestled in the picturesque Farmington Valley, the top boys boarding school in the Northeast is a beautiful, self-contained community close to three major cities.

See a map of the campus here [Campus Map]


Sample itinerary

Sunday & Monday

Sun 12:30pm - Registration / Meet & Greet

Sun 1:00pm - Field Session 1

Sun  3:00pm - Euro 2020 Final & Analysis

Sun 5:00pm - Dinner

Sun 6:00pm - Classroom session 1 

Sun 6:30pm - Field Session 2

Mon 8am - Breakfast

Mon 9:00am  - Classroom session 2

Mon 9:30am - Field session 3

Mon 12:00pm - Lunch

Mon 1:00pm - Classroom session 3

Mon 2:00pm - Field session 4

Mon 3:30pm - Non soccer activity

Mon 5:00pm - Dinner

Mon 6:00pm - Classroom session 4

Mon 6:30pm - Field Session 5


Sample itinerary


Tues 8am - Breakfast

Tues 9:00am  - Classroom session 5 

Tues 9:30am - Field session 6

Tues 12:00pm - Lunch

Tues 1:00pm - Classroom session 6

Tues 2:00pm - Field session 7

Tues 3:30pm - Non soccer activity

Tues 5:00pm - Dinner

Tues 6:00pm - Classroom session 7

Tues 6:30pm - Field Session 8


Jan / Feb - $699

March - $724

April - $749

May - $774

June / July - $799


Sample itinerary

Wednesday & Thursday

Wed 8am - Breakfast

Wed 9:00am  - Classroom session 8

Wed 9:30am - Field session 9

Wed 12:00pm - Lunch

Wed 1:00pm - Classroom session 9

Wed 2:00pm - Field session 10

Wed 3:30pm - Non soccer activity

Wed 5:00pm - Dinner

Wed 6:00pm - Classroom session 10

Wed 6:30pm - Field Session 11

Wed 8am - Breakfast

Wed 9:00am  - Classroom session 11

Wed 9:30am - Field session 12

Wed 11:30am - Debrief & Goodbye


Flexible payment plans

$99 Deposit available with monthly plans

Early booking discounts - $100 Discount for booking in Jan / Feb

Become a camp ambassador to receive additional gloves / dicounts