The importance of match analysis for goalkeepers

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The importance of match analysis for goalkeepers

I wanted to share the importance of Match Analysis which is often overlooked as part of a goalkeeper’s development. Feedback on IMG_0424game performance is important to see if the goalkeeper has put the things they have learned in practice into real game situations. I try to evaluate the goalkeepers at least twice a season. Once at the beginning which helps iron out any issues early on, and again at the end with what is hopefully an improvement.
The ideal analysis/evaluation should include:
Goalkeeping warm up, discussion with team coach on the game plan and how it involves the GK, real-time list of every GK activity, halftime chat about good & bad, any change of game plan and pointers based on the game so far. Written evaluation after the game with a list of good/bad trends & plan of action for future.

Another form I use as I can’t get to every game is Video Match analysis:

This is done after the game once I get the video. There is so much you can get from the video. The fact that you can watch & re watch a play over and over again is great. Looking at first the goalkeeper, then the position of defenders and again the overall picture with the whole team. It is interesting to see the key moments that lead to a goal that is not necessarily immediately before the goal. A decision by the goalkeeper to play long, for example, can result in the opposition regaining possession, whereas if the goalkeeper had composure, the team would have kept the ball. Video work can also provide a visual to the goalkeeper which is beneficial.

Statistics can provide a good picture as long as you can keep tabs on the different styles of saving. Parents, a coach or a substitute GK can provide stats. Parents at my club Everton America are given a full match analysis form to provide statistics of games I can not attend. Fill out the contact form below if you would like a copy. From these statistics, we can see if there are any trends, good or bad so we know what to work on. The number of lost possessions from distribution or goals conceded to low left.

Lastly, the last form of analysis is self-evaluation. I ask GK’s to give self-evaluation. Grade out of 5 for a number of goalkeeping topics. The goalkeeper can see a trend in any weak parts of their game. Again, I have this self-evaluation sheet if you fill out the contact sheet.

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May 28, 2017at 12:24 pm

I would love to get copies of your match analysis and evaluation worksheets.

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