The turf monster? – Facts about playing on turf

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The turf monster? – Facts about playing on turf

With the Women’s World Cup into it’s second week, there is renewed controversy regarding the decision to play all games on turf.

Here are some notes on how playing soccer on artificial turf can affect the game.


It has been proved that a bouncing ball retains 28% more of it’s speed on artificial turf resulting in a faster game.


A faster game results in timing being off. Hitting the ball 0.1 second early or late could result in hitting the ball up to 11ft wide from a shot from the edge of the box.


Although the average temperatures in Canada are not too hot ( around mid 70’sF ), the average surface temperature of artificial turf exceeds that of natural grass by up to 35F – 55F…. this could turn a comfortable 75F day into a 110F scorcher!!

The increased heat leads to higher dehydration problems and slower reaction times due to fatigue.


Skin abrasions are up to three times more likely on turf due to the increased friction of the synthetic fibers.

Overall injuries are 10% – 14% less on turf

Stress on the ACL joint is increased on turf by up to 45%


Here is my solution:

Baseball slider shorts with padding – Essential  for any goalkeeper playing on turf or rough ground. Can be used instead of goalkeeping pants or in addition to. The tight fit stops abrasions on the upper leg.

See example:
Storelli Sports Youth BodyShield Sliding Shorts, Large

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