Goalkeeper getting to the ball first

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Goalkeeper getting to ball first

Goalkeeper getting to the ball first

The ability to deal with balls played into your 6yd box is crucial as that area is so close to the goal.

The area up to the 6yd box and in between each post is the goalkeepers to claim – Even when dealing with traffic in that area.

Above is a video of the chaos that will ensue if the goalkeeper does not take control.

Here are some coaching points to help you get to the ball first.

  • Starting Position
  • Eyes on ball
  • Assess the ball and get in line
  • A Call of “Keeper’”
  • Take the ball at earliest point

The above coaching points are seen in the video below.

If the area is congested and you can not get the perfect High ball take off, you may have to take off with two feet in order to get as high as possible. As in the video below.


There are two versions of getting to the ball first.

1 – Ball in air ( Decision to catch or punch )


2 – Ball on ground ( Decision to scoop and lead with shoulder or dive at feet ) Both examples shown in the video below.

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