One on One sessions – Ideas

Here are some common 1 on 1 sessions that Goalkeepers have asked me for. Do any of these suit you? Let me know if you would like any of these sessions – Text me at 860 941 0966. Alternatively, let me know if there is anything in particular that you want to work on.


Back at it – Session providing fast footwork, clean hands and coordination with the aim of getting back up to speed prior to the start of a season

All about hands – A variety of handling drills to become proficient in the 10 handling positions recognized by Goalkeeper HQ

All about feet – Providing footwork for various saves 



Building Core – A variety of goalkeeping exercises that incorporate balance and core strength

Speed – A number of drills to help improve speed

Strength – A number of drills to help improve speed

Complete fitness – Incorporating Core, Speed, Strength, and flexibility 



Diving Technique – Breaking down the dive and getting comfortable on both sides

Control from back pass – The first touch from a back pass is very important. Lots of scenarios and repetitions to help improve

Kicking from floor – Often causing trouble, I break down the kick from floor to help with technique

Saving high shots – I often get asked to help with this. Looking for trigger points, quickness of feet, vertical jumps and strong hands

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