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Goalkeeper HQ and GoalkeeperHQ.com is a resource run by Leon Othen & Marty Walker, to teach proven strategies in the art of goalkeeping to lift students beyond their vision of capability.

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Who are Leon are Marty?

Marty and Leon - Goalkeeper HQ

Marty & Leon – Division 1 College coaches

Leon Othen is the Goalkeeping Director, at the Premier level club, Everton America, which is the U.S. affiliate to the Premier League club in the UK. Leon works with all the goalkeepers aged 8 – 18 and feeds the sister Academy team, Everton FC Westchester where he has also coached.

Leon is the Men’s Goalkeeping coach at Quinnipiac University, a Divison 1 school in Connecticut. Leon also was the goalkeeping coach for University of New Haven’s women’s team and previously Goalkeeping Director for MLS Camps. Prior to moving to America in 2005, was coaching at Arsenal & Leyton Orient, a third tier professional team in London for whom he played for also.

Marty Walker is the Goalkeeping Coach at Yale University. Prior to that he coached the goalkeepers at Fordham, Quinnipiac and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Marty played as a GK in Ireland, England the USA and Norway.

He is also a qualified sport psychologist and has worked with top athletes, coaches and organisations across the world.


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