Goalkeeper recovery saves

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Recovery saves

Goalkeeper recovery saves

I recently returned from the UK, where I got to see Peterborough v Leyton Orient in the League 1 playoff semi final.IMG_0078

The score ended up 1 – 1 and noticed that both goals were scored after the goalkeeper had parried the ball out.

Below is a highlights video of the game so you know what I’m talking about.

It inspired me to work on recovery saves, as you see from the video, once the parry has been made and the GK recovered, the ball goes one of two ways. the first goal was a cross and the second was a shot.

Key factors:

1 – Make your decision to a) Catch b) Parry or c ) Tip

2 – Once the save is made, get up as quick as you can

3 – Assess / read the oncoming player. Do they have time to take a touch? What part of the goal is open? Are they coming at speed? Will they be under pressure from your defenders?

4 – Make a decision to a) Close the ball down for a point blank save b) stand up and react to the shot c) Dive immediately, guessing that the ball is going to be shot in a particular area. This may be used if you have left the near post open.

5 – Be ready for a third save if necessary.

If the recovery requires a long distance to be covered, a crossover step may be needed to get into ball line.

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May 15, 2014at 7:42 pm

Words of wisdom, coach! As the mother of a goalie I say “catch it rather then parry. don’t give them a 2nd chance” as the mother of a mid-fielder I advise to “you will score more goals on the follow up then the initial strike”! CATCH the ball goalies or be prepared to make a 2nd save!

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