The goalkeeper as the aggressor

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The goalkeeper as the aggressor

Following on from the last post named “Goalkeepers should Kill or be Killed” I thought I would share some footage of goalkeepers as the aggressor. Examples I feel that takes the kill or be killed too far.


This first video shows a goalkeeper coming out feet first to a player after his mistake left the ball loose on the edge of the box.


Pine Forest goalkeeper Cassie Sturtz has been banned for two matches after committing a brutal foul in the closing stages of her side’s 4-1 defeat to Pinecrest in a women’s high school game in North Carolina.

The incident happened towards the end of the match, which brought an end to Pine Forest’s previously unbeaten record.

Pinecrest already led by three when Riley Barrett was played in on goal in search of a fifth. The linesman’s flag was raised to signal offside, but that didn’t stop Sturtz from rushing out of her goal and launching into a dangerous head-high tackle.



In this clip, the Algerian Goalkeeper gets mad at a little kick from the forward and lets his frustrations get the better of him.


This is my absolute favorite. Goalkeeper Glenn Verbauwhede uses the front smother to great effect to be the aggressor. I love the confidence as he encourages the forward to come towards him before going head first. I love how he some how tricks the referee into giving the opposition player a yellow card. I’m literally laughing out loud as I watch this again.

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