“Tell me, and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.”-Benjamin Franklin


Video Match Analysis From Your Games Provides the Next Level of Goalkeeping Coaching!

By using video analysis, you can understand the game's little details, see the bigger picture in regards to the team and get educated on the tactical side of the game.

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The Fastest Way To Find Out How You Are Doing Is To Get Feedback On Your Game Performance

So many goalkeepers and parents ask "How am I doing?" The truth is you could be doing great in the training environment and your technique is great, but with an average of just three (3) saves per game, it is the tactical element of the goalkeeper's game which will ultimately define success.

See the tools provided in this Video Analysis service:


Visual & audio feedback 

You will receive a video with both audio & visual feedback on a number of technical & tactical core competencies.


Match analysis form to download and use 

Use the same match analysis forms used by the Goalkeeper HQ coaches to evalauate yourself and others.


Goalkeeping homework based on what we see

We don't just tell you what you did wrong. We provide relevant articles and exercises to do based on what we see.


Access to our online courses including analysis of professional goalkeepers

Whilst you are waiting for your analysis video to come back,  (up to five days) we provide access to our online coaching library, so you can start the learning straight away.

What we are looking for


How do you look in the game? First impressions based on dress, height and confidence of your movements

Starting positions

Check starting positions for each scenario  and distances from defenders


What were the best distribution choices ? Did you pick the right one and what was the quality like?

Technical ability

How do you apply your technical knowledge in a game situation?

Set piece organization

Your ability to organize your players when dealing with free kicks, corners and long throws

Common trends 

Strengths to one side, distribution patterns and common themes for goals going in.

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