Set Piece check list – Free Kicks within shooting range

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Set Piece check list – Free Kicks within shooting range

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Set pieces contribute a large number of goals towards an organized attacking team. They get their success preying on unorganized teams and unconfident goalkeepers.

When any set piece is given against our team, you, as goalkeeper should take charge through communication to organize the defense in front of you.

For Free Kicks within shooting range:
1) Be ready for and make team aware of any quick restarts from the opposition.

2) Yell out the number that is in the wall. ( See image below )  Do not have defenders in the wall.

Free Kicks

3) Line the wall up with the near post. ( Have one player that directs the wall but have them face forward so they can follow your directions ) “Left two steps – HOLD” is specific instructions.

You should line up the second player with the near post to ensure no curling shots around the near post. Have the tallest player on the inside. Ensure you can see the ball.

4) Make sure all the players on the other team are marked and matched up. Hold the line no deeper than the wall. By bringing players back to your goal line, it just incourages forwards to get in your way

5) Cover the side of the goal that the wall is not. Make sure you can se the ball being struck. Remember that the purpose of the wall is to make play predictable.

Free Kicks in this area does not allow time for a break. See the unfortunate goalkeeper that took a break instead of doing the above steps. ( Sorry – This video is no longer available ) 


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