The front smother save

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The front smother save

This save has come into play in recent years due to the swerve and movement of the modern day soccer ball.

Key Points –
Quickly move feet into line
Set position when ball is struck
Head steady, looking at ball
Hand shape decision
Body weight forward for collapse.

Lean over ball and kick legs back so as not to have awkward landing.


UPDATE: ( 1/23/15)

Having really helped my students get this technique correct, I would like to add the following:

The front smother is best used when the whole body is not behind the ball.

  • Take a step to the side that the ball is coming ( left or right )
  • The step must be forward and feet pointing forward
  • With the step forward, you can bend at the knees to get low
  • Scoop up the ball with strong hands using the “bull” technique
  • After the bent leg you should not have far to collapse forward, using the ball and arms to soften the fall.
  • The finished save should have you with one straight leg and one bent leg on the floor.

See below:


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