The “Set” position for Shot Stopping

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The “Set” position for Shot Stopping

The “Set” or “Ready “ position enables all goalkeepers to have the chance to make the best save possible.

There are different “Set” positions based upon the save you are likely to make. These different “Set” stances are for the following:

  • Shot stopping ( Regular distance )
  • Shot stopping (Short distance)
  • Winning the through ball / Collecting a cross

For this article I am concentrating on the “Set “position for saving a shot. This is the position that should be taught to young goalkeepers not only because shot stopping is the aim of being a goalkeeper but from a safety aspect too.

  • Feet facing forward
  • Legs shoulder width apart
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Bodyweight forward
  • Hands relaxed and in front of body
  • Head screwed in tight, looking at the ball

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