Waiting in the Wings – Update

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Waiting in the Wings – Update

Back in 2012 I wrote an article about the sub goalkeeper and getting the “nod” to go on. It is often a  surprise, and any goalkeeper coming on should be ready to steady the ship in what is likely to be an early onslaught from the opposition who are boosted by the fact that the “back up” goalkeeper is on.

The original article is here, but I am reposting as in the last week I saw two instances where the backup goalkeeper had to come in.

1 – Columbia v USA.

With Columbian starter goalkeeper, Sandra Sepulveda suspended for 2 yellow cards in group play, backup Perez came in as the new starter and played very well until a rash decision to come out and and in doing so clipping Alex Morgan’s feet, meant that she saw red! – Enter third string goalkeeper, Stefany Castano who’s first job was to face a penalty from Abby Wambach. Unbelievably, Wambach missed!

It was only three minutes later though that Castano got found out. Slightly out of position, she could only get a poor hand to a near post shot which put the USA ahead.

See highlights of the game here:

2 – England v Canada

Karen Bardsley of England did not have a good day. She was to blame for Canada’s goal which brought the hosts back into the game, having found themselves 2-0 down. Then after just 7 minutes of the second half, Bardsley had to come off with inflammation to her right eye.

Chamberlain was well protected but kicked well and had safe hands when needed.

Here are my tips for sub goalkeepers:

1 – Shin guards on and tied, ready to play
2 – Gloves ready, wet palms
3 – To have read the game. ( What are the other team’s tactics & who are their danger players? )
4 – Boots done up, ready to play
5 – To have built up a chamaradry with the defenders so that they like / trust you.
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