What would get you top marks from a physical evaluation?

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What would get you top marks from a physical evaluation?

Having filled out the evaluations and gone through the self-analysis sheets, I wanted to share some thoughts on what it actually takes to be 5 out of 5 in different aspects of the game.

I believe that many players and parents are unaware of what is needed to really be a top-class goalkeeper.

Scores here are marked as Exceptional, Above Average, Average, Below average and Poor.

You can see the Technical sheet here

You can see the Tactcal sheet here

You can see the Psychological sheet here


Height – Height can not be taught. It can provide an advantage to the goalkeeper if above average.

Are players able to touch the bar? Does a player’s height not only provide no disadvantage but is an asset to his or her play and the confidence of the team? ( Perception )

Build – A good build will assist in mobility, provide strength upon contact and provide good presence. The build of a goalkeeper has changed throughout the years and we look at different builds being an advantage at different age groups.

Like height, I am looking for a body shape that will provide an advantage and put fear into any oncoming forwards.

Balance / Core – The ability to do tasks without falling or tripping coupled with core strength which aids balance.

Much can be determined in practice. A goalkeeper who is constantly on the floor is no good to the team. I look for balance when taking kicks, the ability to be able to get up without using hands, willingness to stay on feet and preference to one side or another.

Co-ordination – Hand / eye, footwork.

Any marks down on this are identified when goalkeepers have to change hand shapes, move from one foot to another and any other work that involves 2 sides of the body.

Rhythm – The ability to do repetition exercises without stopping

Vital for when you get to High School or college. – Repetition exercises should be done to a rhythm or a mental beat that is stuck to. When it is not, it adds to confusion with the server. It is also a sign that something is wrong. ( hands, feet, core, etc )

Speed – Of feet, Getting to the ball, distribution

Pretty self-explanatory. I’m looking for opportunities where the goalkeeper is not favorite to win the ball but gets there first. Forwards, backwards and recovery saves to the side. – The USA shuttle test also gives me good indication of speed over a variety of distances.


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