The perfect goalkeeping training area – In your back yard!

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The perfect goalkeeping training area – In your back yard!

I was recently asked for advice on what should go in a goalkeeping area that was being made…. in someone’s back yard.

“Wow” – I said. I immediately went into shopping list mode! The area is as big as a penalty box and this is what I came up with. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any advice.

  1. A goal. The same size as what you play in
  2. A lined penalty area for realism and to get visual clues when training
  3. Balls. Lots of them for lots of repetitions
  4. Rebound wall to practice both kicking and control – The modern-day goalkeeper needs to be great with their feet. Control and accuracy of kick are vital.
  5. Ladder and cones – Again, goalkeepers need to have quick foot movements. There are so many ladder routines, one will never get bored. Read the article regarding footwork here
  6. A balance ball. A goalkeeper’s core strength and balance are essential. This is great for pre-activation warm-up which gets the smaller muscles firing before working the big ones which leads to fewer imbalances.
  7. Storage shed or box. (not shown) To keep everything tidy and to save equipment from the elements
  8. Bands. To improve leg strength
  9. Video camera & tripod – To film those practices and learn from mistakes
  10. Pinnies / Bibs for when your friends want to come and play for a 3 v 3 plus goalkeeper session

There are certainly no excuses for this young goalkeeper not to be the very best they can.

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Kylie Closson

February 18, 2017at 2:41 am

I would suggest also including “stop that ball” netting around the area…so errant balls aren’t constantly flying into the neighbor’s yard or trees. I found a place: that we will be ordering from.

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