Body shape is important to make basic saves

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Body shape is important to make basic saves

At the start of every new Goalkeeper HQ course, we start, or at least touch on the importance of good handling and good footwork. The footwork is to ensure a second barrier of protection. The good footwork we encourage is also to to ensure the goalkeeper has good shape. 

In this footage of the England Women’s goalkeepers training session, the coach also constantly talks about “Shape”

What is good shape?

Good shape is when the following happen;

  • You are catching the ball with your body behind the ball.
  • There is a good second barrier.
  • Shoulders are facing forward.

If the save is slightly off center, the goalkeeper goes to ground in a controlled manner or moves their feet to ensure a balanced upright position after the save.

Notice how the ladies are always going with two hands.

How to get good shape?

Here are some ways to ensure you can save incoming shots with good shape.

  • Eyes on the ball, watching it in the whole way
  • Ensure your handling decisions are correct
  • Be light on your feet and ready to make adjustments with movement of the ball
  • Recognize that the save isn’t over once the ball reaches your hands. Movement of feet or a controlled fall may be needed to keep shoulders facing forward.

The following drill is great for ensuring good body shape.

Server on one side of the poles / cones

  1. Side movement to set.
  2. Shuffle around cone / poles to save.
  3. Focus on body shape once caught the ball.


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