Goalkeeper footwork & coordination

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Footwork & coordination

Goalkeeper footwork & coordination

Good footwork is very important for Goalkeepers. The easiest save to make is when the ball is directly in front of you and your body creates a “Second Barrier“. The ability to move your feet so that every shot can be saved without diving will help make your job in goal look easy. This has many psychological advantages.

For effective footwork, you, the goalkeeper, should be off of your heels, and keep bodyweight centrally balanced and forward. Good body shape.

These goalkeepers are working hard to ensure a 2nd barrier with good footwork & coordination.

Coordination is vital, as our position as the last line of defense leaves no room for error.

One of the most common blunders occurs when goalkeepers take their eye off the ball before they have it under control. This is particularly difficult as balls often come at us at all sorts of different kinds of pace and angles.

The good news is that coordination can be practiced with fun games.

Basketball, jumping rope and throwing a tennis ball against a wall and catching are all ways to keep up coordination whilst not goalkeeping.

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