Goalkeeping Tips and Hints

The “Three Goal” approach to positioning

What are your priorities as far as positioning is concerned? Priority 1 = Save the shot Priority 2 = Cut out the Cross Priority 3 = Save the shot after the ball goes to the far post. GOAL 1 – Saving the Shot. Goalkeeper must be set, and as the player goes wide, ensure that

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Short range save

Short Range Shot Stopping

Short range shot stopping requires lightning reflexes with both hands and feet. These are some of the “Glory” saves that goalkeepers like to make and more often than not, game winning saves. First of all let me differentiate between short range save and point blank saves. Short range shots are often first time hits that

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The importance of a good first touch from a back pass.

The ability to have a good first touch when a back pass is provided breeds confidence to both the goalkeeper and the team. The perception of the goalkeeper is very important and talked about here [Ways to improve your perception as a goalkeeper].  Like a poor first save, a poor first touch and resulting consequences can

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The “Set” position for Shot Stopping

The “Set” or “Ready “ position enables all goalkeepers to have the chance to make the best save possible. There are different “Set” positions based upon the save you are likely to make. These different “Set” stances are for the following: Shot stopping ( Regular distance ) Shot stopping (Short distance) Winning the through ball

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Welcome Goalkeepers

Welcome to the GoalkeeperHQ.com Goalkeeping blog…. The aim is to provide goalkeepers across the globe with the knowledge and information to become a better goalkeeper at any level of the game. The site is updated by me, Leon Othen To find an article, you can do any of the following; 1 – Search for a term

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